Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats

About Mitten Acres Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

When we chose to raise these sweet little creatures, our main concern in starting our herd was to begin with Nigerian Dwarfs kids that were healthy.  We wanted to be sure all of our herd was tested and were negative for CL, CAE, Johne's, TB and Brucellosis.   

Swallow Hill Farm, where we purchased our doe kids, tested for Johnes and CAE.  Bramblestone Farm, where we purchased our buck kids, tested for Johnes, Brucellosis, TB, CAE, and CL.  We had our vet test our kid does we purchased for the additional diseases before bringing the bucks to our herd.  We wanted to start our herd with healthy, disease-free stock.      


Wanting our own source of milk to make cheeses, lotions and soap we looked for strong milk lines. Additionally, we wanted to start with stock we felt would be as close to the "ideal" standard as we could find and afford.  What we learned that in reality,  accomplishing this is not as easy as it sounds.  It takes a lot of time and work. 

In a perfect world, it would be so much easier to buy a fully grown goat.  You could see their udder, their teats and attachments, judge their conformation, taste their milk, see how they milk, and to be able to see all of the other preferable and not-so preferable traits before deciding on buying a particular goat.  That would make things so much easier!

Just because a goat's pedigrees look good on paper, that does not always mean they will pass on all of those desirable traits to their off spring. We can only hope they will.

We are trying to breed pairs that will improve our herd based upon the strengths and weaknesses we can see. We hope to either enhance or correct it through selectively breeding the does to bucks that have lineage that may correct or enhance certain traits.  

We are hoping to produce healthy kids that will be strong milkers with good udders and attachments,  that meet the ideals and standards of the Nigerian Dwarf that also have good temperaments.  (We don't want much do we?)  

We are new to owning and breeding Nigerian Dwarf Goats and are in no means experts or even close to it.  I have spent considerable time reading and researching the Nigerian Dwarf Goat breed as well as other dairy goat breeds, I've taken  courses through Langston University and become certified in both Dairy Goats and Meat Goats.  (I have enough book knowledge to be dangerous!)

We are members of the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA), the American Goat Society (AGS), the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association (ADGA), and the Michigan Dairy Goat Society (MDGS) which provides access to a lot of sound information that pertains to raising, milking, showing, genetics, and so much more.  We subscribe to a couple of goat publications, we observe our goats, watch videos and when the opportunity presents itself, we talk with other goat owners.  

We are striving to earn a reputation within the industry as being an honest, knowledgeable, fair-minded breeder of Nigerian Dwarfs who strive to produce healthy, disease-free, quality stock that is of strong milk lines and of which meets  show-quality standards.

                         At this time, we have a closed herd and do not offer buck services.


2019 Kidding Schedule & Breeding Pairs 2019

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Our Herd's Pedigrees

Here you can look at our herd's individual pedigrees.  Just click on the download that corresponds with the Nigerian Dwarf Goat you'd like to see the pedigree of.  

Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats Reservations & Terms of Sale

Here at Mitten Acres we take Bio-Security seriously. We maintain as close to a closed herd as possible.  

We test our herd yearly for Johnes, CL, CAE, and Brucellosis.  Our test results for the 2018 season were Negative.   We vaccinate our herd for CD & T yearly.  

All kids are tattooed, dis-budded and vaccinated with CD & T prior to leaving  Mitten Acres farm.

If you’d like to request a reservation  for a kid prior to them being born, let us know which breeding pair you’re interested in and we’ll put you on that list. 

We reserve the right to retain any kids born at Mitten Acres Farm

All of our goats are sold on "breeder terms" which means that we may ask for stud service back, rights of first refusal, etc. based on an individual basis.  

While it does not cost anything to add your name on a reservation list, once the kids are born,  you will be contacted via email or phone in the order of the received request (date & time).  You need to respond quickly with a decision as to whether you want the kid you requested the reservation for.  

If you want the kid, then 1/2 the purchase price is due within seven (7)  days of notification, if not received within the seven (7) days, we will move on to the next person on the reservation list.  Sales are not final until paid in full.  Mitten Acres reserves the right to retain any reserved animal until the animal is paid in full.  

Please note that as a buyer, you are responsible for the following in addition to the cost of the animal:

1. Health Certificate & Vet Check

2. Costs of any blood tests your state may require

3. Shipping Fees and Costs

4. Transfer of Registration Certificates to your name.

5. Kennels (Kennels should be shipped directly to us.)

We sell only healthy and sound animals at the time of transfer.  Mitten Acres cannot guarantee that they will be show quality, their mature conformation or stature, quality of their off spring, udders, milk quality, sperm counts, ability to breed, or any other factors pertaining to the goat as there are too many factors involved in an animals care, exposures, stress, environmental factors, and development.  We cannot guarantee the animal will be a great fit for you or your property and are under no obligations to take the animal back once it leaves our farm, Mitten Acres.

In a perfect world, everyone would purchase full grown, mature animals so we could see what their faults and strong points are but this rarely happens.  At Mitten Acres, we strive to breed our Nigerian Dwarf Goats to be the closest to the standard as possible but they do not always meet those expectations.  Sometimes the faults are obvious and other times they are not.  Sometimes faults do not show up until they are fully grown adults.  

What you get when breeding goats is like spinning a roulette wheel - it's a gamble.  There is simply no way to know or predetermine if our goats genetic makeup will enhance your herd or blend with your herds genetics.  Every animal is an unknown genetic package and no one can predict what the end result will be even when an animal comes from a well known or even a superior genetic line.  Every new animal and even every breeding, we take a chance and hope for the best.  

Veterinary Exams

You, as a purchaser, have the right to a full veterinarian exam at your expense on any animal you purchase within 24 hours of the time the animal leaves our farm.  Should a licensed veterinarian provide us with an official statement that the animal purchased has a congenital or other serious underlying condition prior to the transfer, we will do what we can to reach a satisfactory resolution for all parties involved.  We will not and cannot be responsible for any illness, injury or death, accidental or not, as a result of shipping or transportation of the animal.   

At 10 weeks old, you will need to pick-up your kid  and have paid the balance of the purchase price due in cash.  If the kid is not picked up at the agreed upon time, boarding fees may be applied at the rate of $7.00 per day. 

We accept cash, checks, or money orders,

All animals must be paid in full before leaving Mitten Acres.  All expenses, boarding, vet charges and shipping, must be paid before the animal is shipped.  

Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE; however, in the unfortunate circumstance of death or illness, the deposit may be directed towards a future kid or refunded.

We reserve the right of first refusal on all bucks sold if they are offered for resale and the right of 25 straws of semen from any buck sold for the cost of collection, processing and shipping only.