Feed & Mineral Supplements raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Goat Breeder + Pellets


We feed our does and bucks a concentrated formula pelleted feed as a base that includes Ammonium Chloride for prevention of Urinary Calculi in bucks & wethers, Selenium, Calcium, Copper and Vitamins.  

Performance Supplement


We add to their feed an additional high quality pelleted supplement that includes  linseed meal for their coat, a wide array of amino acids, brewers yeast, calcium, cobalt, selenium, vitamins and more.  

BOSS (Black Oil Sunflower Seed)

We include black oil sunflower seeds that provide vitamin E, zinc, iron, and selenium. They add addi

We add a top dressing of BOSS which   contains vitamin E, zinc, iron, and selenium as well as fiber and fat to their diet. BOSS helps their coats to be shinier, increase the butterfat in their  milk. Feed them shell and all - they love them!

Organic Thoravin Icelandic Kelp

excellent source of iodine which helps regulate their metabolism.
Strengthens their immune system.

Thoravin Kelp is an excellent source of iodine and Selenium which helps regulate their metabolism. Kelp helps strengthens their immune system, helps reduces breeding problems, improves milk production, helps reduce breeding issues & reduces incidents of mastitis. It also increases milk butterfat.  We feed Thoravin Brand Icelandic Kelp which we feel is a superb product.  We feed this important supplement free choice to all of our herd.

Sweet Lix Goat Minerals


Our Nigerian dwarf goats as well as our Nigerian Dwarf Kids, are provided free choice sheep & goat specific minerals by Sweet Lix. Sheep can be sensitive to copper.  The minerals we chose to feed supply 0.7 mg of selenium per ounce because our area is selenium deficient, we need to supplement.  Their intake of loose minerals vary with each animal.  We keep our 3-unit mineral feeders near their fresh water supply.

Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)


We offer free choice baking soda to our goats at all times.  They seem to know when their rumens are a "little off" and just as we use baking soda for stomach upset, goats do as well.  

We offer this free choice in a mineral feeder along with the Kelp and Minerals. All 3 contain important dietary supplements to help maintain a healthy goat!    

Basic Care for your New Nigerian Dwarf

Feeding Does, Bucks & Wethers

Minerals & Supplements

Hay - An Important Feed

Providing the Necessary Ingredients



All goats are ruminants which are animals  that chews cud regurgitated from its rumen.   Most ruminants have  a complex 3 or 4 chambered  stomachs. Goats like to lay down and chew their cud while basking in the sun.  

Hay and or forage are important for goats to maintain a healthy gut.   Hay or forage should be available for them at all times.  

Choosing a good quality hay that is free from mold and dust is important.  Does can handle the higher protein content  of Alfalfa Hay but the bucks should be given a lower protein hay like Timothy  or Orchard Grass hay or a combination of grass hay.   

Fresh, Clean Water

Goats prefer their water to be warm and in colder months, they really appreciate clean, warm water.   Goats will refuse water that is dirty or contaminated with feces so you may want to check their water buckets a couple of times a day.  

Special Feed Additive Needed for Bucks & Wethers

Feeding a buck or wether ( a neutered male goat) too much concentrated feed and/or feeding concentrates with an improper calcium-to-phosphorus ratio is a major cause of a deadly condition called Urinary Calculi. 


The feed you give your bucks and wethers should have ammonium chloride in the ingredients.  The ratio is 1 pound of ammonium chloride to every 100 pound of feed. You can also add 1 tsp. ammonia chloride powder to 1 gallon of water per goat as a preventative.  

Feeding Your Does

Does require a higher protein diet while pregnant, nursing or being milked.  A special pelleted feed manufactured specifically to meet the nutritional requirements is an easy way to ensure a balanced diet for your dairy goat.  

Additional "treats" given sparingly, your does may enjoy are banana peels (organic to ensure no insecticides!)  orange peels, animal crackers, dried corn on a limited basis (they adore corn!), fig cookies, apples, kale, non-poisonous tree branches, and raisins to name a few.    

Minerals, Sea Kelp & Sodium Bicarbonate

Providing your goats with free access to the following helps your goats maintain their health.  Provide baking soda, which is also called sodium bicarbonate, at all times. They will eat it as needed to help maintain a balanced rumen.

 Goat minerals they will ingest if they are deficient in their diet. There are a few different brands available. 

Offering Sea Kelp provides  

  • Excellent source of iodine which helps them to regulate their metabolism.
  • Strengthens their immune system.
  • Improves the quality of their feed.
  • Can help increase weight gain.
  • Reduces breeding problems.
  • Improves milk production.
  • Kelp helps decrease mastitis.
  • & kelp helps increase butterfat in their milk.

In case you are wondering, we use Sweetlix Minerals, Thoravin Organic Sea Kelp, and Arm & Hammer Baking Soda in our homemade mineral feeders.  

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