Reducing the Risks - Implementing Strong Bio-Security Protocols

A herdsman's number one objective is to keep their livestock healthy and safe in addition to minimizing the risks of diseases that can decimate their herd.  

These safety measures and protocols help to prevent or at the very least, limit exposure to diseases, thereby limiting the staggering costs of treatment of those diseases, minimize herd losses, pasture and barn contamination, and to reduce any exposure of humans to possible health risks.  

The risk reduction areas include farm & herd management practices, animal care practices, sanitation in and around the barn, feed rooms & milking parlors, rodent control program, implementing herd disease prevention & vaccine measures.  

                                    Our property and barn are video monitored and recorded 24/7.  

Bio-Security Rules for Farm Visitors

To prevent exposure of any disease from being introduced on our farm requires controlling on-farm visitors.  

Visitors to our farm must have an appointment.  We require they park in a designated area.  Visitors must disinfect their hands and foot wear and then wear plastic boots and clean clothes covers we provide for them during their visit. 

Barnyards and barns have a lot of areas that could pose safety risks for children so they must be supervised and  accompanied by an adult at all times.  It is a farm, not a playground - there are gates, hinges, tools, tractors, ponds, fences, fields, and yes, a lot of animals that can bite or peck and animal poo we would not want the kiddies to play with or in so supervision is a must!  


We have a strict no petting or feeding policy for the safety of our herd and to limit any possibility of anyone getting a finger mistaken for a treat!

We log all visitors and vendors for tracking purposes.  

Our Nursery Viewing Room

We have setup a viewing room that allows for inspection of prospective kids for purchase so you'll have a chance to see and watch the babies play, interact with their herd mates, see their pedigrees, see their dams and sires, if possible,  and look at their health and vaccination  records.  

Picking Up

We require 7 days advance notice to make arrangements for a kids pick up date and time so any vaccines, health checks, shots, and paperwork can be done in advance to help minimize any additional stress that may a kid may go through leaving our farm.